Coming Soon- Lone


Welcome to a western landscape so wondrous and vast, it could swallow you. When it spits you back out, you might just become something. New.


There’s freedom in isolation. Alone in the mountains, there’s excitement for the unknown, and fear for the forces we cannot control.


What makes you an artist?

A decision.

Like leaving the trail.

Leaving the group.

Fleeing the comforts of the city, to enter the wilderness.


Being exposed to the wind, wildfires and impossible peaks of an untamed environment. Isolated from identity. Lost.


This series is a statement about loneliness that comes with creating art and the equal fulfillment one finds in nature. Separate a singular element from the complexity of the landscape and you notice it’s vulnerability. It stands alone, exposed, flawed—much like the artist.


Sometimes, the only thing to fill that echoing void of self-doubt is an infinite blue horizon, a craggy ridgeline or a wildflower pressing through ice and stone. The resilience of the natural world can give fire to our most absurd dreams.


May these paintings make you feel small in a world full of mystery.


Where would you go?

Who would you become?

Alone with the stillness of your true desires.

With no one to save you in this strange land, you will fight the elements with grit and growth.


The spirit that first called humans to pioneered these unforgiving lands is still alive. In the West of our hearts, there’s a distant cry telling you how to get to where you’re going. Bravery waits for those who venture far from the familiar.


On the edge of the American West.

Where the lone roam free.